Bathroom Updates and Upgrades in New Bern, NC

We spend more time in the bathroom than we might realize. It’s important to have a bathroom that’s welcoming, comfortable and functional—rather than one that you can’t wait to leave. Maggy Costandy Interiors Inc. is here to help you discover the true beauty and ambiance of your bathroom, so you’re comfortable while you’re in it.

We’re more than just another bathroom decorator in New Bern, NC—we’re your number one resource for luxury and sophistication when it comes to bathroom design. Our bathroom projects exude elegance, brightness and functionality, and are carefully customized for the homes and individuals we work with.

Details Matter

Among of the most critical elements we pay attention to throughout a bathroom design in New Bern, NC are the details. A good bathroom design is about more than just the tub, shower and vanity—it’s about all of the little things that lend themselves to the overall atmosphere of the design.
We take great care in selecting tiling styles and patterns, shower heads, niches and more. We see how these elements play into the overall design and choose carefully based on the effect they have on the beauty, comfort and function of the room overall.

Lighting and Layout

Few things are more important in a bathroom remodel than proper lighting and layout. We take lighting into account to make sure you’re getting the ideal exposure, no matter the time of day. Lighting also complements layout, which is why we take care to reinvent your space with both form and function in mind. Our careful approach to layout means not having to reach across the bathroom for toilet paper or stooping to see yourself in the mirror!

Before you get started on a bathroom remodel or upgrade project, contact the professionals at Maggy Costandy Interiors Inc. We’ll guide you through the nuances of customizing this space and making it your own. Give us a call today at 252-633-5228 to get started.