Commercial Interior Design in New Bern, NC

For many people, their office is a second home. They spend 40 hours a week or more in the place where they work. Shouldn’t your office space be as comfortable as a home for the people who work so hard in it?

Maggy Costandy Interiors Inc. is here to help transform your drab, generic office space into a place people will enjoy! We’re an experienced office decorator in New Bern, NC with decades of experience that spans across a wide range of spaces types, including law offices, doctor’s offices and more.

From lighting to window treatments, furnishings to custom interior designs, our scope of capabilities encompasses every aspect of your office space. We find hidden comforts in the details, to transform critical office environments into places where people are more productive, comfortable and vested in their work. From the waiting room to the corner offices, breakroom renovations to conference spaces, our vision for the perfect interior planning knows no bounds.

Retail and Commercial

In addition to office spaces, we’re also a seasoned commercial interior designer in New Bern, NC for a wide breadth of retail and commercial spaces. Our portfolio includes work on retail stores, restaurants, airports and other businesses with heavy customer patronage.

What sets us apart from other commercial interior designers is our full scope of capabilities. We do more than just paint the walls and add new furniture—instead, we reinvent every element of your space to make sure it creates ambiance and atmosphere that’s inclusive to your patrons.

Transform your Commercial Space

It doesn’t matter if your commercial space is filled with cubicles or stocked with retail inventory—unless the interior design aesthetic and feel are cohesive, it’s not living up to its potential.

Let Maggy Costandy Interiors Inc. help unlock the beauty, comfort and function of your space to ensure it’s a space where people want to spend time. Contact us today by calling 252-633-5228.